In 1999, Texas Nurses Association District 2 began recognition of District 2 members that demonstrated exemplary professional nursing practice, patient and nursing advocacy with vibrant nursing leadership. We continue today with a shared common purpose to advance excellence in nursing - a pursuit that requires commitment, involvement, and leadership.



  •              Texas Nurses Association local representatives will select Hall of Fame candidates from the District 2 area.
  •             The Hall of Fame candidate will be presented to the Panhandle Great 25 committee for review and confirmation.



  •        Registered Nurse in good standing with Texas State Board of Nursing
  •             Active TNA District 2 member
  •             Advances nursing by fostering high standards of nursing practice
  •            Promotes a safe and ethical work environment
  •            Bolsters the health and wellness of nurses
  •            Community, state and/or national advocacy on health care issues and policy pertaining to nurses and the public
  •            Demonstrated nursing leadership at the forefront of improving healthcare for all



  • The TNA Hall of Fame Honoree will be recognized at the G25 Annual Ceremony.
  • The Great 25 Nurses host will introduce the TNA Hall of Fame Honoree and criteria for the recognition.
  • A member(s) of the Great 25 Nurses Committee will introduce the honoree and her or his contributions.
  • The TNA Hall of Fame Honoree will receive a special plaque separate from the G25 honoree plaque.


TNA Hall of Fame Winners 1999-2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

1999       Eunice King                                                                                                        

1999       Mildred Primer                                                                                                

1999       Edith Rust                                                                                                           

1999       Naomi Brack                                                                                                      

2000       Jolene Walsh                                                                                                     

2000       Juanita Walker                                                                                                 

2001      Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word                                                                                

2002       Ardis Martin                                                                                                      

2003       Sharon Weaver                                                                                                

2003       Patsy Britting                                                                                                     

2003       Marilyn Dyer                                                                                                     

2004       Betty Henry                                                                                                       

2006       Dorthea "Dot" Fee                                                                                                         

2006       Gwen Hailey                                                                                                   

2007       Jeff Doiron                                                                                                         

2007       Marlene Hudgins                                                                                                             

2008       Sandy Fricks                                                                                                       

2009       Virginia Sicola                                                                                                   

2010       Katherine Reed                                                                                                

2010       Delores Thompson                                                                                                        

2011      In Memory of Eunice King                                                                                                            

2011       Heidi Taylor                                                                                                       

2012       Pia Habersang                                                                                                  

2012       Richard Pullen                                                                                                  

2013       Ruth Whitehead                                                                                                              

2014       Deborah Davenport                                                                                                       

 2015      Laura Reyher                                                                                                

2017       Carolyn Witherspoon    

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