The Panhandle Great 25 (G25) Committee established the Legacy Award to recognize extraordinary registered nurses who have made enduring and substantial contributions to the nursing profession in the Texas Panhandle. Legacy Award Honorees are known for their inspirational leadership and vision for the profession.



  • Potential Legacy Award Honorees are well-known for their “Greatness” because of quality and enduring service and compassionate care-giving in the Texas Panhandle.
  • The Panhandle G25 Committee will convene to identify an extraordinary individual(s), living or deceased, who meet specific criteria for the recognition.
  • Family, friends, or significant others may be interviewed for Legacy Honorees who are deceased (Posthumous recognition).



  • Registered Nurse in Texas for more than 25 years.
  • Evidence shows that “Greatness” is substantial, enduring, and has had a global impact on the nursing profession in the Texas Panhandle in the areas of significant contributions, service, and compassionate care-giving. Specific and measurable examples must be provided.
  • Evidence shows substantial and enduring visionary leadership for the nursing profession. Specific and measurable examples must be provided.



  • Legacy Honorees will be recognized at the G25 Annual Ceremony. The Legacy Award Honoree will be recognized at the end of the Ceremony.
  • The G25 host will introduce the Legacy Award Honoree and criteria for the recognition.
  • A member(s) of the G25 Committee will introduce the honoree and her or his contributions on video as it is in the G25 recognition process.
  • The Legacy Award Honoree or family, friends, or significant others in the life of the honoree will be invited to the podium to receive the award.
  • The Legacy Award Honoree will receive a special plaque separate from the G25 honoree plaque that says: “Panhandle Great 25 Nurses: Legacy Award”.
  • The Panhandle G25 Nurses Program for the Ceremony will showcase the Legacy Award Honoree separate from the G25 honorees.



  • Legacy Award Honorees will be notified by phone and formal letter of their selection. The letter will include why they meet Legacy status. A member(s) of the G25 Committee will then meet with the honoree in person to obtain additional information about the honoree’s contributions to the nursing profession.

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To recognize nurses for their caring, compassionate service in the Texas Panhandle

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